Make Your Remodeling Experience Painless and Fun!

5 Fears of Remodeling

Most homeowners are afraid of remodeling and don’t trust contractors because:

  1. They’re all crooks
  2. Money–they don’t understand the true costs
  3. Disappointment–it’s not what I wanted
  4. Disruption–it’s messy
  5. Chaos–loss of control

Our Process

Remodeling doesn’t have to be that way! Remodeling can be a timely, clean, enjoyable, painless, within budget and fun process. Yes, fun. Total Home Care & Remodeling is a design-driven, client relations home remodeling company.  We want your experience from design, construction, to maintaining your most important asset to be relationship oriented. As a trusted home advisor, communication is vital to any worthwhile relationship and it should be no different in a remodeling situation. It’s important to listen to you and your family. Your concerns and expectations, your ideas and opinions. Experience has proven that our remodeling process is the best way to turn wood, paint, and tile into a place where you will feel at home and comfortable. And because your satisfaction is important to us, we make it a point to stay connected throughout and after the life of your remodeling experience. It’s just the right way to build a relationship you can trust. It’s the best way to be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Our attention to detail in this process has proven very effective. It’s one reason why over 92% of our work is repeat business and referrals.

To view our Process, click on any the steps below to view more information:

  • Consultation
  • Design/Preliminary Budget
  • Authorization
  • Construction Phase
  • Completion
  • Celebration

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One Response to Make Your Remodeling Experience Painless and Fun!

  1. Hi Billy,

    I just gave your information to friends/clients and told them about Kate and Tom’s kitchen. The whole project is a knock out!

    Micki Patrick

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