Forget Resale Value

Homeowners want comfort now!

According to the latest Home Remodeling & Repair Index, even as requests for additions and remodels have continued to slip (down 22% nationally), homeowners are still looking to invest in home improvement projects that increase their home’s energy efficiency and contribute to better overall living quality. So what exactly are homeowners demanding?

  • Solar power (+52%)
  • Sheds/Enclosures (+48%)
  • Handyman Services (+40%)
  • Heating & Furnace Systems (+34%)
  • Outdoor Playground (+27%)
  • Paving (+19%)
  • Air Conditioning (+14%)

As energy costs continue to rise and new financing and incentive programs become available throughout the country, homeowners are highly motivated to do what they can to save money on energy bills. In fact, the survey reveals that at 35%, energy savings is the top galvanizing factor for home improvement projects, with protecting the environment and improving home comfort following closely behind at 25% and 23% respectively.

Additionally, quality of living continues to be a motivation for homeowners as 82% said they are investing in home improvement projects to increase overall living quality versus home projects that increase the home’s value or curb appeal.

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