Our services include:

  • Exclusive Design/Remodeling
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Repairs/Small projects

With a full range of remodeling services, we design complete home renovations. Total Home Care & Remodeling can help you from the design stage, throughout the construction phase and into the maintenance years to turn your current house into a home so you can live life.


Peace of Mind
As we age, our routine household activities often become more difficult—sometimes, they even become hazardous to our health. If you’re experiencing trouble moving safely around your home, or have concerns about your parents’ mobility and well-being, Total Home Care & Remodeling can provide the support additions and accessibility modifications to restore your peace of mind and safety.

Our Aging-in-Place services and installations include:
•    First floor master bedroom suites
•    Elevator Additions
•    Handrails
•    Ramps
•    Doorway widening
•    Bathroom renovation
•    Custom installations and more

What makes sense?

If you’re looking to stay for the next 5 – 10 years, what improvements make financial sense? No matter the challenge or frustration, Total Home Care Remodeling can create an addition that provides the extra space for your changing family needs.


A well-designed remodel can dramatically change the look, space and feel of your home.


Seamlessly collaborate with our architect or interior designer to complete any project to your exact specifications is one of our areas of providing great communication.

Large or Small

If you’ve ever watched HGTV or the DIY Network, you know that most home remodeling projects fall into one of two categories—large jobs, which usually include major structural changes; and small jobs, which can have as much aesthetic and/or functional impact, but without removing any walls.


Time to Upgrade. When you first moved into your home, it was the perfect size for your needs. But over the years, it feels like your space has become smaller and smaller. Perhaps your family has grown, and your kids need more room to entertain friends and finish school projects. Maybe you’ve realized that an in-law suite could be the perfect solution to those surprise weekend visits. Or possibly, after 15 years, you’ve just decided it’s time to move your home office out of the kitchen.

Attics & Additions

If you’ve ever considered expanding your home’s footprint but were deterred by high costs, converting an existing attic or adding a second story may be a more affordable option.

Because lateral additions can involve leveling uneven ground, laying new foundations and installing new plumbing, expenses can quickly add up. By expanding upwards instead of outwards, you eliminate those expenses while gaining much needed space for your new home office, master suite, guest room, and playroom or media center.


For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared, comfort is shared and lasting memories are created. Unfortunately, if your kitchen is cramped, outdated, and poorly designed or dimly lit, it can become more inconvenient than inviting. As a certified kitchen remodeler, Total Home Care Remodeling can dramatically improve your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality by reconfiguring cabinetry, replacing outdated countertops, repositioning lighting, or even removing unnecessary walls to open the room and increase your overall workspace. Remodeling Magazine’s 22nd annual Remodeling Cost vs. Value report for 2009-2010, kitchen remodeling has a payback of 75.8%.

Bathrooms are Critical

You might take them for granted, but bathrooms play one of the most critical roles in your home’s functionality and comfort. Having too few bathrooms can make it difficult to accommodate guests; poor lighting can impair makeup application, grooming, shaving and more; and outdated fixtures or badly stained grout can diminish the overall appearance of your home. Remodeling Magazine’s 2009-2010 report stated that remodeling a bathroom has a payback of 71%. So, whether you need to create additional bathrooms or improve existing ones, Dandy Handymen Remodeling’s expertise will exceed your expectations.

Decks & Exteriors

Whether you frequently entertain or just enjoy the fresh air, your home’s outdoor spaces should be as comfortable as it’s indoor ones. By enhancing the layout and durability of your existing deck, or creating a new one,  T can expand your homes amenities beyond its four walls.

Previous Deck & Exterior Projects
Some of our past Deck & Exterior projects have included:
•    Dedicated space for an outdoor kitchen, wet bar and/or grilling area
•    IPE deck with covered roof
•    Indoor/outdoor rooms with multiple levels, including dry lower spaces
•    Hardie siding replacement
•    Ceiling or structural improvement

Basement Potential

Years ago, basements were often considered the underbelly of the home. Cold, dark and damp, they were the stuff of ghost stories and double-dares—useful only for extra storage and clunky water heaters. Since then, basements have come a long way, and are now a central part of many families’ activities. If you haven’t yet discovered your basement’s potential, let Dandy Handymen Remodeling turn your unused space into the fully-finished playroom, media room, game room or guest suite you’ve always wanted.

Total Zone Protection

Whole Home Surge Protection cannot be achievedby “One Whole House Surge Protector”.
In fact it requires a system of surge protectors working together. We refer to this as Zoned surge protection. Zoned surge protection is accomplished with the implementation of primary and secondary surge protectors.

  • First, surge protectors need to be applied to the incoming electrical, cable/satellite, and telephone utility services to keep externally generated surges from entering your home. This is your primary surge protection.
  • Then at key locations throughout the home, localized secondary protection is provided to safeguard against any residual surges from the main service and any internally generated surges.
  • Don’t confuse a power strip for a surge suppressor. They may look identical. Check next to the UL mark on the unit. It will identify the unit as a “power strip” or “surge suppressor.”

To apply this type of protection for your home or office, surgeassure™ in conjunction with Total Home Care & Remodeling offers the Total Zone Protection, which consists of dividing the home into three protection zones: Main Zone, Interior Zone and Exterior Zone. Specialized surge protectors are designed for each zone location: Main Zone, Interior Zone and Exterior Zone.

Since homes today may have phones, Ethernet and electrical wiring, satellite dishes, cables and cable modems, electronic dog fences, exterior lights and security and irrigation systems, it’s important to use a trained installer who will take all components into account when putting in a Total Zone protection system.

It is amazing how many items in your house actually need to be protected from an electrical surge. If an electrical surge were to occur today, how much money would you stand to lose? Typically, a Total Zone Surge Protection system costs less than a home security system. You can call for a free estimate. If lightning strikes, are you ready? The Surgeassure™ TOTAL ZONE surge protection package is the most inclusive package anywhere.

Handyman, Small Home Projects and Honey Do’s

Total Home Care & Remodeling began business doing small, around-the-house projects and nagging home repairs that crop up over the years. Since we were already at a home, we were asked if we could do other things like tile a kitchen back splash, install a pedestal sink, fix a leaking toilet, install a storm door, add a dimmer switch, change out a light fixture, or repair a rotted floor.

This led to larger more complex projects because of our problem solving capabilities, experience in the field, and knowledge of home products. Our experienced, versatile craftsmen can build, install, hang, repair or replace just about anything in and around your home.  We also handle repairs and maintenance for several property management companies in the Roanoke Valley area as well.

Contact us at (540) 312-6540. Our friendly team will take down your list of to-do items and schedule a team member to come out and do the work. You’ll receive Total Home Care & Remodeling’s expertise and service, all backed by our two-year warranty. Here are a few more particulars:

Our handyman services are charged on an hourly basis

  • Materials are charged at cost
  • Payment is required at the time of service
  • Weekend, after-hour and holiday rates apply
  • Total Home Care & Remodeling is licensed and insured


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