Make Your Home Appealing With New Exterior Trim

house1When it comes to your home, first impressions are everything. And, nothing makes a worse initial impression than exterior trim that is cracked, rotted, peeling or falling apart. Today, homeowners and remodelers are turning to advance building materials to get long-term performance from their exterior trim.

Wood, one of the traditional trim materials, may look fine when first installed, but it can split and swell, and is prone to knots and defects. Other materials, like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and fiber cement trim have performance limitations and may pose installation

Treated Exterior Composite Trim offers the ideal combination of the beauty of wood and the durability of an engineered product. It provides the perfect accent to any exterior cladding your house may have: vinyl, fiber cement, brick, OSB, stone, stucco, wood or hardboard.

The Science

With a clear, wood grain texture on one side and contemporary smooth finish on the other, MiraTEC is ideal for any home style. Some engineered wood products, like MiraTEC, are manufactured by physically and chemically bonding resins with wood under heat and pressure. They offer increased durability (they are harder and more dense than some species of wood), are consistently straight, and are engineered to resist shrinking, checking, warping, cupping and splitting. In addition, they are widely available and pricing is stable.

The process used to make MiraTEC includes a factory-applied mildew-resistant primer on four sides. The end result is a trim board that offers a unique combination of moisture, rot and termite resistance not found in other materials.

It looks and handles like wood, and offers superior performance over PVC and fiber cement trim. MiraTEC costs half as much as PVC trim and, unlike PVC, it accepts paint beautifully and is not affected by temperature extremes.

Compared to fiber cement trim, MiraTEC is available in longer boards (16 feet vs. 10 or 12 feet) but the best part is it does not require any special installation tools, making installation easier and more cost effective. Plus, fiber cement costs about one-third more than MiraTEC, and it is harder to cut and nail. Fiber cement also absorbs over five times more water than MiraTEC (based on industry standard 24-hr. soak test), which can lead to mold and/or mildew problems if the trim gets wet enough.house2

Because of its durability and low maintenance requirements, I like using MiraTEC in a variety of applications. I have found it to be an excellent complement to fiber cement siding applications. To me MiraTEC is better than wood, is easy to install and paints well. Plus, I really like how it holds up to the weather and that it offers termite resistance. MiraTEC Trim looks authentic and is flexible to work with because it machines easily.
If you’re looking to add curb appeal or are remodeling your home, look for MiraTEC trim at most local building material suppliers.

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