Winter Checklist:

  1. Air Filters:

Yes, you MUST clean and/or replace the air filters in your forced-air furnace or AC units MONTHLY. Did you think filter manufacturers were just trying to make more money?

2.    Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors:

You did change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector the day after New Year’s right? What? You don’t have a CO detector and you have fuel-burning appliances? Are you kidding me? Do you have special tinted glasses that allow you to see carbon monoxide?

3.    Chimney or Wood / Pellet Stove Pipes:

You burn wood? Yes, I know you had a chimney sweep come and inspect your chimney, right? Tell the truth.

4.     Flush Drain Lines:

Did you fill all your sinks with water, as well as your tub, and have someone help you flush all the toilets and empty the sinks/tub at the same time? You know, to flush out your drain lines and building drain? Your dogs and cats can help you if you have multiple toilets.

5.     Invigorate Septic Tanks:

Do you have a buried out-of-sight out-of-mind septic tank like me? Every month you put in 2 ounces of oxygen bleach in your toilet at night, flushing it and going to bed, right? You’re a smarty and realize the oxygen bubbles in the septic system really help the bacteria in the tank gobble up all the nasty waste products

6.    Prevent Shower Mold:

Every day each person that uses the shower shakes off the shower curtain or uses a squeegee to wipe all the water from the shower doors and walls in the shower, correct? Excuses are reasons for failure. I don’t want to hear yours. If not, you’ll need more time to clean the entire mold and mildew later. Oh, keep the curtain and shower door open as well as the door to the bathroom. You want the inside of the shower and fogged-covered walls/ceiling in the bathroom to dry ASAP.

7.     Frozen Hose Bibs:

Tell me you forgot to disconnect your hoses from your outdoor frostproof hose bibs (outdoor spigots) back in the fall. What were you thinking? Go do it now. Do NOT turn on the hose bib unless you have a helper inside ready to scream at you that water is spraying all over your basement when you open the valve.

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