What About Design & Functionality…

It’s easy to get a builder and assign the team to create a structure, but after that there is design and functionality to worry about. What should be the primary function of your entrance, back yard, deck, pool house or gazebo?

The function will determine the types of outdoor furniture you will need. Because of space issue, outdoor furniture will serve as both function and decor. You should also think about if is it more of a party, entertainment center of your whole compound? Or will it be a more leisurely, relaxing environment where you can spend your hours in quiet? All these things should serve as a guide or a map on how you will plan out your ideal outdoors areas. One of the best outdoor furniture that adds romance and sweetness to a patio or garden are gazebos.

Your back deck is an essential part of your home. It’s a place to relax and entertain, your own private paradise. This outdoor living space adds value to your home–or takes it away, depending on what shape your deck is in. But probably the most important outdoor area is the entrance. Is it attractive and inviting? Can visitors walk safely and comfortably to the entrance without hindrances? Is lighting a concern at night? One of the more attractive considerations is a flagstone entrance.


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