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Remodeling someone’s home is invasive, messy, and will interrupt virtually every routine homeowners are a custom to.  When considering a remodeling project, homeowners are putting one of their biggest assets, their castle, at risk.  You will frequently spend thousands of dollars to have work done on this primary asset.  When a project starts, varying degrees of deconstruction take place where floors and walls are torn away.  This is followed by a period of reconstruction, where a parade of strangers comes into your home to do a variety of projects homeowners don’t really understand.

Homeowners understandably get very uneasy during this process.  Most have never gone through a major remodeling project, so they don’t know what to expect.  A good remodeler will help homeowners understand the steps involved in this difficult process and guide them through what does not have to be a difficult time.  Helping homeowners deal effectively with this process and make it a fun time is one of our biggest jobs.

Homeowners who were very happy with the results of recently completed remodeling projects described some personal characteristics of remodelers stating four attributes:

  1. Honesty, integrity
  2. Good communication skills
  3. The ability to empathize
  4. Long-term relationship oriented

In the same interviews, homeowners were asked to describe what attributes were present in the companies these successful remodelers ran.  Here are the attributes they described:

  1. Quality construction
  2. Clear builder specifications
  3. Good company organization
  4. Ability to provide “price checks”
  5. Ability to provide value engineering
  6. Company responsiveness
  7. On-time performance
  8. Fair price

At the completion of these successful projects, price was only one of eight important considerations these homeowners identified.  Having the benefit of hindsight, they understood the value of the service they received.  Price was not their primary consideration.  Good service was.  Remodeling is a relationship business, not a numbers game.

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